Covid-19 Update (Lockdown effect)

Following the announcement by the Government that the country is to enter a new lockdown, the FA have confirmed that grassroots football is suspended from tomorrow until at least Wednesday 2nd December 2020. Unfortunately this means that all CVJFC training is now cancelled during this period.

The Harrogate League have postponed all matches until 10th January and the Hambleton League are postponed until 5th December (for now). We will keep all squads updated via your coach's WhatsApp groups about when football will resume once we have the relevant information to forward on to you. In the meantime please all stay safe and hopefully we will see you all sometime in December.

Update on Fees

Following the Government's decision to lock down again and therefore stop our training and match activities until Saturday 5th December which is at a time when we had just started to deal with the administrative side of fee paying, the clubs Management Committee have decided to do the following for simplicity:

  • If you have already set up your DD payment for your child and made 1 or 2 payments already then please don't cancel it, please just reduce the number of monthly payments from 9 to 8 so you will finish paying for the season a month earlier.

  • If you have yet to set up your DD payment please hold off from doing so until 1st January and then set it to run until 1st August. This will greatly help the club to deal with the administrative side of this and if further restrictions are applied we will adjust terms accordingly.

Thank you from all of the coaches and the MC for your continued support. Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask your coach via a private message.